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For the professionalism, service and knowledge of its car loan brokers; Financement Auto Laval! Financement Auto Laval helps you find a loan for the purchase of your next vehicle, even if your bad credit is closing doors. In fact, we have been doing business with several specialized institutions for several years. Our expertise allows you to borrow under advantageous financing conditions and with the advice of our experienced team. Your car loan will no longer be a source of stress!
Yes, at Financement Auto Laval you can complete your request online in complete security and receive your approval online or by phone! You will only have to go to the dealership to sign your contracts once you have chosen your vehicle. Even if you have a difficult credit history, we will find the financing solution that suits you best, such as 2nd or 3rd chance credit.
Your credit history, the type of car you buy, the amount of the vehicle you want, the amount of the down payment are all factors that can influence your interest rate. How do you know exactly? Fill out an online request on the Financement Auto Laval website and we can explain your options. But rest assured, at Financement Auto Laval, in Lanaudière near Montreal, our car credit experts always offer you the car financing solution at the best rate!
Financement Auto Laval is the best company for your home financing. We are one of the few car loan companies that offer real in-house car financing at a reasonable interest rate! Our team has many years of experience with difficult files, so we have developed the expertise to find the right car loan for you. Online approval takes only 10 minutes!
The online application is free! You are pre-approved, 100% guaranteed and free of charge! However, depending on your credit file, there may be an application fee that will be added to your car financing. You can contact us by phone to receive all the necessary information, our car credit experts are there to help you!
Every time you apply for a loan, it is reported to your credit bureau and therefore affects your file. But when you apply for a pre-approval with us, our brokers target the lender most likely to be favorable to you so that you can limit the number of inquiries to the credit bureau. So don't wait any longer! Fill out an online credit application now and you can start driving your next vehicle today.
We usually contact you within an hour of your request. From there, depending on your credit profile, we can tell you how long it will take. Chances are you'll be driving off with your new vehicle the same day! In general, between 24 and 72 hours is enough time to receive your pre-approval, study your credit file, find the most advantageous auto financing solution, find your vehicle, receive your auto loan and drive away with your vehicle!
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