The Advantages of In-house Car Financing

Many questions often arise when the time comes to make the acquisition of a pre-owned vehicle or to make a credit request. At Financement Auto Laval, near Saint-Eustache, Sainte-Thérèse, Blainville and hardly a few minutes away from Montreal, we have all the answers and solutions for you. It has been our job for decades. The car loan solution, you will find it at Financement Auto Laval, the specialist of in-house car financing.

A Credit Request, a Way to Earn some Money!

We often think that if we have had to face financial difficulties, it will be difficult to obtain a car loan for the purchase of a vehicle. This is a false belief. Seasoned and certified pre-owned vehicle dealerships such as Financement Auto Laval possess the tools to allow you to go forth with the purchase of your next used vehicle and thus increase your credit score.

With its advantageous financial solutions, Financement Auto Laval is able to obtain you a car loan, and this, even if you have had difficulties during a certain time in your life. The thousands of clients that we have served over the last decades have known difficulties at one point or another in their lives and have a hard time to address their financial institution.

Many have had delays in the payments of their credit cards, others have suffered a diminution of their credit score and have had to inform themselves of their credit file among credit institutions, while others have had to declare bankruptcy following unfortunate events. In all the observed cases, the client has always obtained satisfaction, even with a credit problem, since at Financement Auto Laval we possess the required tools to obtain your loan.

Know that our in-house financing allows you to start afresh. Since we deal with many financial institutions, we can offer you the best interest rate on the amount of the loan. Many confide us that they do not have the necessary resources to make a down payment, but ensure us that they are ready to do what it takes to pay the monthly or bi-monthly instalments.

Since we are specialists of the 2nd and 3rd chance at credit in-house financing and that we have customers coming from everywhere in the province, we take the time to listen to the client, establish with him his needs and understand his credit issues in all confidentiality. In only a few minutes, we understand what our clients are going through. We seek to accompany them and we encourage them to take a step forward in the restoration of their credit.

It may seem contradictory to say that to restore your credit, you need to borrow again. It is indeed the thing to do if you must purchase a pre-owned vehicle, and that is exactly why in-house financing exists. In the eyes of the financial institutions and the credit offices, you show great determination when you settle your payments, and this, with the desire to fill the conditions that apply in order to reimburse your loan.

By choosing to do this, you demonstrate that this bad financial episode is behind you, that Financement Auto Laval trusts you, and little by little you restore your score among the Equifax and TransUnion credit agencies, for example. You improve your credit file and your credit score. Subsequently, you will be able to obtain more and your poor credit will be a thing of the past.

The in-house financing from Financement Auto Laval has been our specialty for decades. Not only do we offer you loans at a discount, your car loan will also be 100% accepted in a matter of minutes. You therefore obtain a car loan and leave a winner on the whole line.

Financement Auto Laval, the Specialist You Need!

A team of advisors is at your disposition, specialists who possess great professional integrity. They are listening to your needs and ensure to guide you towards the most optimal car loan solution. Come meet us today and take advantage of our in-house financing; a thing that can put you back on the road to success. In Laval, near Saint-Eustache, Sainte-Thérèse, Blainville and only a few minutes away from Montreal, Financement Auto Laval is there for you!