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Why look for financing solutions when you have Financement Auto Laval

You have experienced financial pitfalls. You were criticized for paying your bills late while you were sick or out of the country. Worse, you have been forced to file for personal bankruptcy as a result of unforeseen circumstances. In all cases, your credit history has been affected. Some will say that you can no longer borrow money and that you will be in credit deprivation for several years. That’s not true!

Unfortunately, this kind of unpleasant situation can occur at different points in life. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding these rough times, at, we are used to receiving such requests. Our open-minded, discreet and honest team of experts will quickly explore your profile and suggest you the funding plan that best suits your situation.

Whether it’s a first, second or even third chance to credit, all financing options are available at Auto Financement Laval. In a just few minutes, you will get your car loan and your car key on hand. Our advisors will explain to you in detail the terms of payment and the normal market terms of your loan. Since we have a seasoned team and the best financing solutions, no application is rejected.

We totally understand that bad times happen, so we adapt accordingly. All our requests are processed confidentially and in full respect of the applicant. Our goal is clear: to promote a friendly and trustworthy relationship with the customer and to help him purchase the vehicle of his choice.

For 25 years, constantly seeks to preserve its credibility. To achieve this, building a relationship of trust with customers and offering high quality of financing solutions and vehicles are the key to our success.

Come visit us now. Our financing advisors are waiting for you at Financement Auto Laval near Montreal and the North Shore.

Together, we can create a bright future ahead of us!

Posted on Oct 11, 2018

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