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Why choose Financement Auto Laval?

Brand new and second hand car dealers use all the tricks in the book and up their marketing game to attract an increasingly picky clientele. That makes it difficult for you, customer, to know which one you should do business with. Each customer is unique and their needs vary accordingly but still: these are the guidelines you should follow when choosing a second-hand car dealer.

The inventory

Even if you’re almost certain of the type and the model of the car you’re looking for, bring your business to a second-hand car dealer that has a large inventory of all sorts of brands and models. If you’re not impressed by the road test of your first choice, after all, you won’t have to go very far to see or try another vehicle.

The financing options

It’s no big surprise that the monetary aspect comes at the top of this list. Whether themoney is tight from where you stand or not, you should always select a second-hand car dealer based in part on the financing options available. For example, experts such as those that work at Financement Auto Laval grant pretty much 100 % of the financing requests they receive, including the most difficult cases (unemployment, bankruptcy, lack of credit report, etc.), and constitute excellent intermediaries to help you quickly get behind the wheel of the vehicle you want.

Inspection and warranties

Most car dealers inspect the cars in their inventory, but go for a dealer that also sells certified pre-owned vehicles. This type of cars are generally sold with generous warranties that come close to those offered on brand new cars, and this detail has its importance: the more certified pre-owned vehicles a car dealer sells (with the added warranties), the better the chances he really trusts the quality of its inventory (or else he would ruin his business by honoring customer claims). The excitement of the purchase of a new car often clouds buyers’ judgment and they don’t pay attention to warranties they think they’ll never need, but that’s not the point: the level of the warranty is a good indicator of the quality of the car.

The quality of service

Let’s add this last point and wrap up with it: even if you find a second-hand car dealer with a large inventory that includes a lot of certified pre-owned vehicles and also offers highly competitive financing options, take a look around you to see how the employees treat customers after they bought a car.

This is a golden rule of business: a quality service is invaluable, and that’s exactly what we guarantee at Financement Auto Laval, your second hand car dealer on Cure-Labelle Boulevard.

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

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