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How To Choose a SUV?

Whether it’s because of the poor condition of our roads, the challenges of driving during the winter or simply because they want to enjoy having more cargo space, a growing number of customers are turning their backs on sedans and more compact vehicles in general to take a closer look at SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles). You may be considering this transition yourself, but SUVs are rapidly becoming one of the most diverse segment of the automotive industry, making it harder for consumers to make an informed decision. Let’s consider the classical dilemma of SUVs’ new buyers: traditional SUV or crossover? Here a few things to consider before making your choice.

The Benefits of Full-Size SUVs

As their name indicates, full-size SUVs are the biggest vehicles of their segment. They’re particularly relevant if your lifestyle requires a vehicle that has a solid towing capacity. Plus, their significant height allows for a better visibility and more comfort when you’re driving on roads that are painful to watch (and hurt your suspension). Beyond the roads, let’s consider the off-road experience: nothing can beat a real All-Wheel drive vehicle when you plan to explore harsh places, where the “road” designates wherever you can pass. In this type of situations, the additional power of full-size SUVs is not a luxury but a necessity. Finally, the superior cargo space is a decisive factor for large families and/or for adventurers whose vehicles are always packed with equipment.

The Benefits of Crossovers

Since they are smaller than full-size SUVs, crossovers are a good alternative for those that can’t be satisfied with a sedan or a subcompact, but still don’t need or want a big vehicle per say. On top of being generally less expensive than SUVs, crossovers are also cheaper at the gas station, thanks to their smaller body and less consuming traction. Plus, crossovers deliver a superior maneuverability (thanks to their more reasonable dimensions, again), and are thus a great option for customers that want to do their daily travels in an urban setting during the week and get out of the city during the week-end with the same vehicle. In fact, crossovers are SUVs built on sedan platforms, and that’s why they’re generally sought by drivers that want the best of both worlds.

These are the key elements you should consider before going forward with the purchase of a SUV. No matter the type of SUVs you finally decide to go for, Financement Auto Laval, your car dealer and financing expert on Cure-Labelle Boulevard, has the vehicle and the plan made for you!

You’re now ready to look at our large used inventory to find your perfect car.

Posted on Jun 10, 2018

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