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Good deals that won’t leave you broke!

Not everyone can afford to lease or buy a brand new car with the sometimes hefty monthly payments that it entails, plus the higher insurance costs. The market of used cars also has its fair share of relatively expensive vehicles (regardless of whether or not the price tag is warranted) or at least too expensive for some. Where can one find an affordable car without having to navigate through the uncertainty of dealing with another consumer? And where are all these 10 000$ – or cheaper – good cars? At Financement Auto Laval, near Montreal and its north shore. These professionals have dozens of 10 000$-or-cheaper vehicles in mint condition in their inventory. Even though the name says it, it’s worth being repeated: at Financement Auto Laval, you can expect excellent financing options that suit all kind of budgets (and credit scores).

Go with proven values…

If you’re not a car lover that will spend hours every week giving some love to his vehicle, go with brands that have proved themselves. How to recognize one? In all honesty, it’s fairly simple: when you see an old car (10 to 15 years, or even more) on the street, still going strong despite the years and the mileage, to which brand does it belong to most of the time? You probably just pictured in your mind a Toyota (Camry and Corolla) or a Honda (Civic or even Accord, in some cases). If you’re on the market for a car priced below 10 000$, you’ll have to go back at least two models (unless you’re exceptionally lucky) in order to find a car that suits your budget. It’s not necessarily a bad thing: some car experts out there will tell you that they’d prefer a Civic 2007-2008 with 150 000 km to 5 years-or-less models made by the competition…

… and deal with professionals

Once you’ve decided the model and the age of the car you want, go straight to Financement Auto Laval, they’ll have your pick ready or at the very least a comparable offer. Why would you take the chance of dealing with a consumer that you know nothing about (and certainly not the way he treated his car) and that can’t give any guaranty except his word? Also, do you have the amount required in cash? On you, while going to a stranger’s place? No, serious business are made with professionals. Financement Auto Laval, near Sainte-Eustache and Saint-Jérôme, has the car you want, the financing you need and offers the guarantee of being a real car dealer.

Posted on Jul 11, 2017

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