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Get a Head Start and Install Your Winter Tires

As the temperature increasingly drops below 10 degrees, it’s a sign that winter is just around the corner, and so is the ice and snow on the roads! Although winter tires are not required by law until December 1st, it may be a safer choice to do so earlier than that, as the seasons are unpredictable.

Financement Auto Laval near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Saint-Eustache and just a few minutes from Montreal advises you to get a head start! Our credit bureau offers you 100% approved auto credit through in-house auto financing and gives you access to a wide selection of cars.

Change your tires: don’t delay!

Thinking of installing your winter tires quickly at the beginning of November gives you peace of mind: it will be a done deal! In addition, we are not immune to the first snow or ice on the roads, and having the right tires will help keep your car stable.

Financement Auto Laval, thanks to Style Auto, is a used car dealership that also includes a service department. Have your tires changed properly by a professional who has not only the knowledge, but also the best equipment.

At the same time, they will be able to perform other necessary checks on the condition of your tires, such as detecting pressure problems, wear or other defects. If you want to check the condition of your tires yourself, try the 25¢ technique: insert it into the treads and observe the caribou head. If the snout disappears completely, your tires are ready for winter; if not, your tires are worn and will need to be changed for your safety!

Take this opportunity to have your car’s various components inspected to ensure that the cold season goes smoothly and without surprises.

Style Auto also allows you to buy a new used car in good condition at an advantageous price from our inventory of various models. Financement Auto Laval teams up with them to make it even easier for you: in-house financing allows us to offer you a 100% approved loan!

No matter what your financial and employment situation is, our team takes the time to learn about it so we can help you better. This way, we are able to offer you a solution that fits your budget, with interest rates that remain advantageous! Whether you have a high credit rating or are experiencing financial difficulties, our financing experts know how to adapt to each individual.

Since no one likes complex procedures, the “financing” section on our website allows you to fill out your application in a few clicks! Tell us more about your budget, your employment and income situation and the type of car you are looking for and our team will contact you quickly!

Since we deal with many lenders, it’s easier to find a personalized financing plan that benefits you. Furthermore, since our brokers have access to a large number of lenders, they are able to identify the one that will be favourable to you and thus reduce the number of credit applications!

With Financement Auto Laval, everything is simplified: get a car loan, find your next car and even have your winter tires installed!

A team that understands you Financement Auto Laval is made up of a team of understanding professionals. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance, even if luck hasn’t smiled on them lately. Whether it’s a job loss, a precarious status, a bankruptcy or simply overindebtedness, we help you get through it while re-establishing your credit record.

Posted on Nov 02, 2021

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