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Get Auto and Home Financing Now and Take Advantage of the Best Rates on the Market!

For a while now, finance news has been telling us that interest rates are expected to rise in the middle of 2022, which could put a real damper on our plans.

The good news is that Financement Auto Laval, located near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Saint-Eustache and only minutes from Montreal, can offer advantageous home financing rates, and advises you to come and meet with our experienced advisors.

Home Financing 101

“Banks lend you umbrellas when it’s sunny and take them away when it rains.” The truth of this maxim is not lost on anyone who has ever had or is still dealing with credit issues. The problem is that when it rains, you usually need a car as much as you need an umbrella (which they are constantly trying to snatch away). Whom do you turn to when you need a car and the banks want nothing to do with you? In-house auto financing, of course.

Are you’re in the market for a vehicle but the banks are turning their backs on you? Look no further than your own local car dealership. An on-site financing program, true to its name, is a financing program that car dealerships offer to their credit-constrained customers or to clients who want to get a same-day car loan. The specialists at Financement Auto Laval understand your situation and the need to quickly obtain financing for the purchase of your vehicle. They have only one mission: to offer the best possible personalized solution so that you can drive off with the vehicle of your choice as quickly as possible, and to do this with advantageous rates. 

Second or third chance credit applications are not something that the seasoned consultants at Financement Auto Laval are afraid to tackle. No matter if you have bad credit, no credit history, bankruptcy, are self-employed or on employment insurance, you will find a sympathetic ear and cost-effective solutions. The friendly and experienced sales team at Financement Auto Laval will examine your income to determine what your specific financing needs are. The process takes no more than 20 minutes, on average, and you’ll get your car loan quickly.

Regardless of your financial situation, the people at Financement Auto Laval work with numerous financial institutions and are able to offer you solutions tailored to your situation and your ability to pay. What’s more, they can offer you the best rates on the market, which are still relatively low these days.

Have you been turned down for a car? We have the solution! With our express approval, it’s impossible to miss out on your next car loan. Our experts will take the time to review your application, discuss all the different options and finalize the deal towards a new vehicle. Whether you’re buying new or used, Financement Auto Laval makes it easy and helps you drive off into the sunset with the vehicle of your dreams.

Financement Auto Laval: At Your Service for Over 30 years!

Financement Auto Laval has played a key role with in-house financing. Since 1992, we have served over 12,000 customers. Our company experts have extensive knowledge of auto loans and work with the largest financial institutions to meet clients’ needs. Not only do they walk you through the process, but they also earn you big bucks.
So don’t delay, consult the people at Financement Auto Laval near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand and Saint-Eustache. Your 100% approved car loan by a team that always puts the customer at the heart of its business. Financement Auto Laval, right on all counts.

Posted on Dec 23, 2021

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