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Financement Auto Laval: a homemade financing option!

“Banks lend you an umbrella when the weather is nice and take it back as soon as it starts raining”. The accuracy of this quote is well-understood by people that already faced (or still do) credit issues. The problem is when it rains, you often need a car in addition of the small umbrella (that some wish to take back). Where can you go if you need a car and banks don’t want to have anything to do with you? At Financement Auto Laval.

The homemade financing: a reasonable and beneficial alternative

If you need a car and banks turn their back on you, don’t look further than your car dealer. A homemade financing program, as hinted by the name, is a financing program offered by dealers to customers dealing with credit issues. The experts of Financement Auto Lavalunderstand what you’re going through and how much you need financing. They have only goal: provide you with a solution as customized as possible so you can leave quickly with the vehicle of your choice.

A solution for all types of customers

Second and third chance’s clients don’t the specialists of Financement Auto Laval. Even if you have a very bad credit or no credit history at all, you went through a bankruptcy, you’re self-employed or unemployed at the moment, you’ll find some hope there. Staff members are empathetic and experienced. They will examine your income to determine your specific financing needs. This process takes only 20 minutes. Financement Auto Laval is lucky enough to not rely on external financial sources. Its employees have all the flexibility they need to satisfy all the customers in a timely and efficient manner. Plus, they work in collaboration with credit agencies, thus they can send them your credit records so they can adjust your score (upwards!).

If you need a car, being snubbed by the banks isn’t a fatality anymore. Go to Financement Auto Laval, near Montreal and Saint-Jerome, to choose a car and you’ll see that life keeps going even after being denied a loan!

Posted on Aug 11, 2017

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