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The Car Loan After a Bankruptcy

Many imagine that it won’t be possible to obtain a car loan after a bankruptcy event. A credit history stained with debts, a difficult financial situation which nails me to the ground, a depreciated credit score that keeps me from getting back up, here are as many thoughts that come and haunt me on a daily basis. We finally have good news for you! Better days are showing up on the horizon. Indeed, it’s not because you’re living a difficult period in your life that everything stops and nothing else is possible.

Financement Auto Laval accompanies you at all times. It will guide you and will allow you to obtain a car loan after your bankruptcy. But how is this possible?

The Car Financing After a Bankruptcy

As silly as this may sound, the automobile credit is often the right way to get back on your feet after having known a difficult financial situation, even a bankruptcy. Indeed, you have known delays in your payments, you have had a bad credit for some time, you have had to face a moment of distress financially, bad luck has followed you for a long time, in short you had to file a bankruptcy to your name.

To put things back on track, restart by improving things and allowing you to know better days, the chance at credit constitutes a promising venue to this effect. People often wrongly think that they won’t be able to make a credit request for a car loan before seven years since they have declared bankruptcy.

This way of seeing things is less and less true, because the specialists of Financement Auto Laval tell us that the second and third chance at credit constitute financing options which enable you to obtain a car loan and make you the owner of a new vehicle. Since they excel in the adapted financing and work hard with the financial institutions, they obtain you the best loans in town.

This process is not only a way to obtain a pre-owned vehicle. It’s also and most of all a more consistent process which aims to show the credit agencies and the financial institutions that you are on the right track and that you are making your payments on time. By the way, all car loans from Financement Auto Laval are adapted to your needs.

This way, by showing yourself as a good customer, your credit score rises, the confidence level increases and you engage yourself on the recovery lane of your credit on the mid and long term. The car loan constitutes a nice entry way towards better days. That’s what we call in Quebec rebuilding your credit.

Thus, it would be a bit illusionary to wait until the very end of the seven year period to engage yourself in a process aiming to obtain a car loan. The faster you can consent a new loan for a pre-owned vehicle, the faster the confidence level will increase and the loaners will be less frilly towards you.

Don’t fool yourself, the rumor is false. The loan for an automobile vehicle is accessible, even if you just filed for bankruptcy. Indeed, each situation is different, but there are many financing programs in specialized credit also called the second or third chance at credit, available depending on your situation.

Financement Auto Laval, Your Best Ally!

For over 25 years, we have been specializing in automobile financing. The car loan after a bankruptcy is one of our specialties. Since we are seeking solutions, our financing experts put their talent to contribution to offer you the best rates on the market that will allow you to adopt healthy financial habits.

Come discover all the options that present themselves to you right now and leave on the right foot thanks to Financement Auto Laval near Terrebonne and Saint-Eustache and hardly a few minutes away from Montreal. The future already looks promising for you!

Posted on Nov 07, 2019

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