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Auto Financing for Newcomers

You have been in Canada for little time and Financement Auto Laval welcomes you. We have given you your social security number and you are finally ready to benefit from the advantages of Canada and Quebec. As a newcomer, you do not possess a credit history, but you want to buy a new car.

Financement Auto Laval, near Terrebonne and Saint-Eustache, and a few minutes away from Montreal, possesses all the necessary ingredients for newcomers and can give you access to automobile financing. Your first car constitutes a good way to initiate yourself to the roads of Quebec and Canada, on top of allowing you to open an account for the purchase or rental of a pre-owned vehicle. With us, you will benefit from the best credit conditions.

Auto Financing for Newcomers

In Canada, the financial credibility of a person usually depends on their credit history. We consider that if you do not have a credit history, it will be harder for you to borrow for the purchase or rental of an automobile vehicle.

How to do then when we are a newcomer and that our credit history is inexistent? Financement Auto Laval has the solution for you. For newcomers, issued from immigration, we propose a loan for your pre-owned car, and this, by overlooking the requirements of credit history.

At Financement Auto Laval, we have a head start on the competition since we have adapted our financing solutions for newcomers by allowing them to obtain a loan quickly for their pre-owned vehicle with a clearly advantageous interest rate. Indeed, for 27 years and counting, Financement Auto Laval has developed a great expertise in financing solutions and our experts answer to a robust confidentiality politics as well as to the needs of those that have a weak credit history and that can’t obtain financing among regular financial institutions.

Many say that they manage to open bank accounts, but have difficulties to obtain a car loan. Financement Auto Laval knows particularly well the requirements linked to newcomers, and has been able to adapt itself to their new conditions and financial situations. We often know that the financial means of newcomers are limited. For this reason, we customize loans, without down payment or other fees, thanks to our imposing network of financial institutions that have been working with us for many years.

Since we have been excelling for over 25 years in the field of automobile financing, we are able to offer you what’s best, and therefore contribute to your integration among our community. As newcomers, you are undoubtedly looking for a pre-owned vehicle which will allow you to commute with your family. We are anxious to provide you with all the necessary guarantees for the purchase or rental of your next vehicle.

Cultural diversity, allied to the idea of a more inclusive society, also passes by the development of relationships with the consumers under the sign of trust, experience, credibility and openness. Our multicultural team remains at your disposition for your financing plans and the search of the pre-owned vehicle that will suit you. To this effect, we dispose of an impressive park of pre-owned vehicles with numerous models.

More Than 600 Vehicles Await You!

At Financement Auto Laval, you will have plenty to choose from for your first vehicle in the country. Since all of our vehicles are scrupulously inspected, you will leave with peace of mind with a car whose components have been reviewed and inspected from A to Z.

We often mention that newcomers must pay fees to obtain their car loan. Financement Auto Laval does not adopt this process and seeks rather to give the necessary thumbs up to people arriving in the country. Since we want to save you some hassle, we will take the time to establish your needs, to present you with the different options and accompany you all along your purchase process. This accompaniment constitutes a gage of respect and attention towards our clients.

At Financement Auto Laval we have the key that will bring you far. Located in Laval, near Montreal and the North Shore, we have the solution to the financing for the pre-owned vehicle you dream of, and this, even if you don’t have any credit history in Canada.

After having consulted a member of our team, you will leave with peace of mind with an inspected vehicle that is guaranteed and meets your needs. At Financement Auto Laval, your guarantee in terms of financing is secured. Come for a visit today and you will leave with a smile on your face.

All there is left for us to do is to welcome you in Canada, Quebec as well as to Financement Auto Laval. A visit with us will convince you of the seriousness of our process and the impressive range of vehicles that awaits you.

Posted on Nov 07, 2019

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