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A 100% Approved Car Loan for a 100% Satisfied Customer!

When buying a new car, how to pay for it is almost as crucial as choosing the car, especially if you choose financing. This option, which is now a must, is, however, harder to access at some dealerships and with some selective lenders. Particularly if you have experienced the aftermath of financial difficulties or if your credit record is not perfect, it is important to make sure you choose your lender carefully.

Financement Auto Laval near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Saint-Eustache and just a few minutes from Montreal will take care of it for you. Get a 100% approved car loan with our in-house financing offering 2nd and 3rd chances at credit. Get used car financing easily, regardless of your current or past financial situation.

Our Team Won’t Let You Go Home Empty-Handed

Financement Auto Laval has many financial contacts whether it’s banking institutions or any other lender or loan institution. Thanks to these contacts, the team is able to analyze all the options available to you and suggest the option that best suits your situation.

This means fewer credit applications, since your file is carefully examined by our financing experts beforehand. And fewer loan applications also mean less impact on your file, where rejected applications also appear!

With Financement Auto Laval, there is no risk: no matter who you are, whether you are in debt or have filed for bankruptcy, we guarantee you a car loan. Even those who have no credit history, whether young or new to Canada, are entitled to financing!

Take a look at the different options available to you with our advisors: they will guide you and help you weigh the pros and cons of each option. You will leave with a 100% guaranteed financing, but also with a personalized plan adapted to your financial situation.

What’s more, you won’t be limited in your choice of vehicles: Financement Auto Laval gives you access to over 600 vehicles, including Style Auto’s inventory. In addition to offering a wide variety of choices, our dealership offers you its vehicles at advantageous prices and regularly has interesting promotions: just take a look!

By doing business with Financement Auto Laval, you open all the doors towards choosing your vehicle whether your mind is made up or not. Should you need an urban sedan, an adventurous SUV, or even a truck or a luxury car at an attractive price: everything is possible, and everything is financeable!

Take advantage of all the benefits of in-house financing, allowing you to choose your car without letting the prospect of payment hold you back. Furthermore, the Financement Auto Laval team is honest and caring, both in the service they offer and the financing plans they propose. It is not the interest rates that profit from you, but you who benefit from the interest rates, since they are always reasonable and low.

What’s more, if you’ve had financial difficulties, this type of financing can even help you get back on your feet and improve your credit rating, so don’t hesitate!

In short, Financement Auto Laval guarantees you a financing plan, whoever you are and whatever used car you dream of buying!

Comprehensive Service at Financement Auto Laval

Whether you do business with our team online or at one of our locations, you will receive a warm welcome and feel immediately understood by our experts. In fact, they work as a team to offer you the best payment option for your needs; making you happy makes us happy too!

Choose from a vast inventory of used cars of all sizes and models at Style Auto. 2nd and 3rd chances at credit hold no secrets for our team, which knows how to handle the most complex financial situations; come and meet us today!

Posted on May 11, 2021

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