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The 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Buying a car, whether it’s new or second-hand, requires a lot of maintenance. In fact, you often need to do repairs, change the tires in the “shoulder” seasons and most of all, supply fuel for travel. To give you an idea, the spending costs associated for gasoline represents 69% for an average car (17% goes to maintenance and 14% to tires). That is why it is important to buy a vehicle that is the most fuel-efficient. Financement Auto Laval, located close to Montreal and the North Shore, offers you the 10 vehicles that are the most fuel-efficient or that use less electricity so that you can make the right choice!

First, let’s focus on gasoline fuelled vehicles.

Top 5: Hyundai IONIQ Blue

This large sedan consumes 1.6 litres/100 km, its feature being that it is available in three model choices (hybrid, rechargeable hybrid and electric).

Top 4: Toyota Prius C

Second car of the same brand to be in the ranking, the Toyota Prius C has a 1.5 L 4-cylinder motor, generating 73 hp doubled with a 60 hp electric motor.

Top 3: Fiat 500 Hatchback

This minicompact consumes 1.4 litres/100 km. This city car has an undeniable charm with its retro style and various colours.

Top 2: Ford-Fiesta SFE

With a consumption of only 1 litre/100 km, this compact car with a modern and sophisticated look uses state-of-the-art technology.

Top 1: Smart Fortwo cabriolet

The number one spot in fuel-efficient vehicles inevitably goes to a small vehicle with only 0.9 litre/100 km. Although small, this two-seater was designed to maximize interior space and enhance comfort.

What about electric vehicles? Your Financement Auto Laval dealer examined the question and reveals the ranking for electric cars that use less electricity.

Top 5: Tesla Model S 60D/90D

This large sedan has an energy consumption of 386 kW with a spacious and comfortable cabin. Its slightly futuristic design allows it to hold out over time.

Top 4: Chevrolet Bolt EV

With an energy consumption of only 150 kW, this small family car with a rather endearing appearance has a 200 hp electric motor with a 320 km range.

Top 3: BMW i3 (60 Ah)

This small BMW model has an energy consumption of 125 kW. Adapted for city driving with its small size, its dynamic and great style will delight most city dwellers.

Top 2: Volkswagen e-Golf

With a 100 Kw electric motor, the compact Volkswagen e-Golf is well positioned for economical driving. As well, although it resembles a road car, its capabilities are closer to a racy sports car!

Top 1: Hyundai IONIQ EV

The same model is displayed in this ranking for fuel-efficiency. The electric version ranks first this time with a record consumption of 88 kW. It has a 176 km range with 120 hp.

Convinced by one of these models? Don’t hesitate to ask for advice at our Financement Auto Laval dealer, located at 269 boulevard Curé-Labelle at Ste-Rose, close to Montreal and the North Shore. Our experts can help you find suitable financing to purchase one of these amazing jewels.

Posted on Feb 10, 2018

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