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In-house Car Financing: A Great Deal!

You want to acquire a new or used vehicle but you can’t decide between traditional financing with your bank and in-house financing with car loan specialists.

Financement Auto Laval, near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Saint-Eustache and just minutes from Montreal, offers you more than the banks. They describe how to finance your next new or used vehicle at a good price. 

In-house Car Financing: Fast and Simple!

Generally, the traditional car loan has relatively strict conditions and responds to a logic that often aims to protect the seller more than the buyer. This is especially the case in large auto garages where buying a used car looks like an actual marriage contract. 

At Financement Auto Laval, we like to make things simpler and faster. We prefer to attach basic conditions to our auto loans and occasionally add additional sections to them to protect both the buyer and the seller during the term of their loan. 

Since we have been in business for many years, we have established strong partnerships with financial institutions. Therefore, we can offer you beneficial financing solutions. Our interest rates are extremely competitive as are our advantageous and flexible financing solutions

To offer such terms, we like to talk to each of our clients, take the time to listen to them, establish their needs, present the options available to them, discuss their ability to pay and guide them in their final choice. As we are able to grant helpful and flexible car loans, we are also able to guarantee your purchase price. We also guarantee the interest rate, the conditions that appear on your contract as well as the flexibility necessary for your payments. 

The in-house financing of your vehicle, if well defined beforehand, allows you to validate your financial information only once. It does not affect your credit situation. On the contrary, it allows you to embark on the path of improving your credit rating.

A car loan at Financement Auto Laval is not only the assurance of being 100% accepted; it is also and above all to establish a relationship of trust with your dealership.

The in-house financing of second and third chance credit allows you to find an inspected and certified new or used vehicle, to benefit from the best rates in town, from the favourable terms and lets you rebuild your financial situation. 

In conclusion, car financing is not rocket science but it must be well supervised. Because of this, Financement Auto Laval has been able to develop helpful solutions for its customers thanks to its partnerships with several financial institutions and by considering each request as unique. 

Financement Auto Laval: The Right Address! 

For more than 25 years, Financement Auto Laval has specialized in in-house vehicle financing and has excelled in its field thanks to the expertise of an experienced team. Your 100% approved credit happens at Financement Auto Laval.

Since 1992, your Laval dealership has served more than 12,000 satisfied customers, regardless of their current and past financial situation. 

Financement Auto Laval, near Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boisbriand, Saint-Eustache and just a few minutes from Montreal, easily welcomes you and gets you a car loan quickly. Come meet a dynamic and enthusiastic team now. Financement Auto Laval, a local business that will save you big!

Posted on Jan 13, 2021

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